The Williams Group

The Williams Group is a team of lawyers, developers, cybersecurity experts, legal operations professionals, and educators, brought together to solve the unique requirements faced by law firms, legal departments, and law schools when using and integrating technology into their day-to-day activities.

At The Williams Group we design solutions for lawyers by lawyers.

We know firsthand how the business of law actually runs. We know how to implement technology in complex environments, especially those with significant ethical, regulatory, and confidentiality demands, such as legal sector IT environments. And most importantly, we know how to marry law with technology in ways that respect both worlds, while maximizing efficiency, lowering risk, and increasing ROI.

At The Williams Group we focus in four key areas:

Digital Transformation

TWG integrated team will help you analyze your business needs and culture, to set and achieve short-and long-term goals for both your in-office and remote environments. Furthermore, we are with you every step of the way, from design, implementation, and post-integration, to make certain your digital transformation goals work for the long haul and are suited to grow with your business.

Developing and Building Your “New Normal”

Whether it be your internal operations, your employees’ needs, or being responsive to your clients, the post-pandemic “new normal” for legal professionals is complicated and not easy to achieve when you have “old normal” demands that also require your attention. The Williams Group is there to make certain that whatever your “new normal” looks like, that you can get there in a secure and safe manner.

Employee and Executive Training

Legal technological competency is an explicit requirement in over 38 states’ codes of professional responsibility and ethics. Lawyers must understand how to leverage technology in their own practices. Furthermore, we must understand how to analyze legal risk when technology is used by our clients. The Williams Group has over thirty years of experience in training legal professionals in the areas of technology and how it impacts the management of risk in both the practice of law and the business of our clients.

Law Student Education Design

Law school deans and professors face the same challenges of teaching law to students. At TWG, we design synchronistic and asynchronistic teaching methods and courses for both live and remote learning that marry with traditional doctrinal teaching.

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